Top 10 Ways For Pet Bird Owners to Save Money


Especially in this economy, everybody is wanting to conserve a little money where they can. As all of us understand, owning birds can get costly! We’ve done some research study and collected what we called as the ‘leading 10’ methods to cut down on costs and make your dollar go a little more.

  1. DIY Toys – you do not need to be an ‘specialist’ in the toy making field to come up with a style your bird will like. Some tasks need no tools at all, and can conserve you huge dollars, particularly if your bird goes through toys rapidly. Simple toy concepts consist of turning remaining products from around your house- bottle caps, rinsed tablet bottles, paper towel rolls, and cardboard boxes, into a practically birdieDisneyland My birds like absolutely nothing more than an excellent paper towel roll to battle with, or a cardboard box to check out.
  2. Buy in Bulk – if you have more than one bird, it can considerably lower expenditures if you purchase your food and other products wholesale. Instead of purchasing those 5 pound bags of food at 10 dollars a pop, purchase the 25 pound bag for $50! Of course, rates will differ depending upon the supplier, however purchasing wholesale has actually been shown to be much easier on the wallet. Don’t believe you’ll go through all that food anytime quickly? Parrot food can be frozen for optimum freshness- simply repackage in air tight containers or bags, and include the freezer.
  3. This is not just real for food, however for toys, too. Many online suppliers provide toys at a discount rate if you acquire a specific amount or more. One of my birds goes through preening toys like nobody’s organization, so I acquire online through a popular supplier and get 5 at a time, and conserve some severe money in the meantime.
  4. Make your own food. You understand its real, they state you can make food in your cooking area for more affordable then eating in restaurants. For birds that’s real too. Instead of purchasing premade birdie bread blends, for instance, you can quickly head out and acquire the standard requirements for lower than the expense of a bread mix. Plus you wind up with double the quantity of mix then you would typically purchase, successfully cutting your expenses in half.
  5. Recycle old toy parts. Some toys have a life time of simple minutes. Many birds however will get tired with a toy prior to its completely destroyed. Removing abovementioned toy once the bird is tired, and dismantling it to re-use in other toys is an excellent method to conserve. Most toys, even ones suggested for damage, have multiple-use parts, anything from plastic chain to the metal fast link. I have a ‘scrap bin’ I have going, so whenever my birds chew through a toy, I eliminate the toy from the cage, take it apart, and toss the multiple-use parts into the bin. When I wish to make a toy, I dig through the bin to discover the parts I require.
  6. Shop around. Take benefit of the marvel that is the internet, and take a look at numerous shops prior to making your grand purchase. You’ll typically discover items online more affordable than your regional shop, and you can make the most of totally free shipping provides to extend your dollar even further.
  7. Cage liner. What do you utilize to line the cage? If you utilize any sort of pre-cut, acquired cage liner, think about changing to paper. Don’t get the paper? I wager among your next-door neighbors does. People will happily contribute their old paper once they’ve ended up reading it. Better yet, if you have a big flock, call your regional paper and inquire if you can go ‘dumpster diving’ in their recycle bins. Oftentimes papers will print and have numerous stacks of papers which contain mistakes, so they just toss the documents out for recycle. Take benefit of those ‘errors’ and line the cage, free of charge!
  8. Learn from others. You do not need to go out and purchase a stack of bird books to get understanding. Take benefit of the lots of online resources readily available. You can access web online forums to talk with other bird owners, educational sites to find out about anything from types to nutrition, and even e-books. If you became aware of an excellent book however do not wish to purchase, head on down to your library. Oftentimes libraries will have a large quantity of books readily available for you through inter-library loan.
  9. Barter If you understand other bird owners, strike up a relationship and make the most of what others need to provide. Going on trip and require a bird caretaker? See a relied on bird good friend will take care of your birds while you are gone, in exchange for future bird sitting services from you. Bird owners aspire to assist and constantly happy to assist. Birds of a plume needs to stick, you understand.
  10. Your bird does not require 3 of whatever. Remember when you discover that brand-new item you simply ‘need to have’, sit and examine it. How does this brand-new and better toy vary from the toys being in storage, or awaiting your birds cage? Will this product truly enhance your birds lifestyle, or make things much easier on you in the long run? What products is this things made from, and can it be duplicated by you at a lower expense?

Consider the source. Just due to the fact that a product is marketed particularly for ‘birds’ does not imply you can’t acquire that product in other places and at a less expensive expense, just due to the fact that its on the pet dog island! I’ve discovered lots of a toy roaming the feline island of my regional animal shop. You can even discover toy parts at a less expensive rate at your regional craft shop such as Michaels, then they typically are offered in animal shops.